She wakes up early every morning and soon starts her work for the day.
Rest of the family wakes up later to the aroma of food.
As they treat themselves to the breakfast, she sneaks in a quick shower, getting ready for (more) work.
Getting their kids ready for school comes under her job description too.
Questions like
“Mom, where is my homework?”
“Did you see my watch, honey?”
flung around lavishly and they are met with answers that made the questioner happy.
Yes, she has answers for every nerve racking question. She is supposed to know what is needed in advance! Does she have the sixth sense to know anything and everything around her, one might wonder, but that’s one question that no one ever asked her. Was it because she was expected to do so?
Hug for the kids, Kiss for the love, she is there to give generously, but did anyone ever bothered to return the favor?

Pic via Pixabay
Pic via Pixabay

She attended the PTA meetings, befriended other parents at their children’s school, volunteered for school activities. All she did within the luxury of limited time.

She worked for eight or more hours outside home. In the evenings, hungry kids waited for her back at home. She cooked meals, she cleaned house, did laundry, laid out fresh clothes for tomorrow, cleaned dishes, helped kids with their homework, read books for them and put them to sleep singing lullaby.
She made her husband’s dreams hers, helping him in making those a reality in every way she could.

She listened to his complaints about his boss and colleagues at his work. She offered comfort. She knows when he is upset even before he was aware of it. His heart was safe with her. He depended on her for every tiny little thing. But he never admitted to her that how vital she is in his life. Does he ever realize that, I wonder!
She lends her ears to her friends when they are in need of a listener. She encourages them, comforts them, and just be with them.
She was there when her parents or in-laws needed her.
She might not be able to solve the global warming or the terrorist attacks, but every day, every moment she parts with a bit her to her family and friends, without expecting anything in return, just for their happiness!
Pic via Pixabay
Pic via Pixabay


She is tired for most part of her day and her life, but you will not see her tired! She is upset many times, but you will not see tears spilling from her eyes!

She is a mother, daughter, sister, friend, wife, grandmother, employer, employee, a stranger. She is just a random person you meet on the street every day.
Appreciate Her! Love Her! Respect Her!
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