The Paranoia?



She heard the doorknob rattling. She peeped through the adjacent window and there wasn’t anyone. But the doorknob still rattled adding to her nervousness.

It was just like the time she walked back home from work. She was sure that someone was following her, but no one to be seen. And this time, she wasn’t going to tell her suspicions with anyone else just to be called as paranoid.

And she went back to the bed with the unsettled feeling settling in her mind.

Written for Friday Fictioneers for the above photo prompt.


10 thoughts on “The Paranoia?

  1. Dear Vinitha, Leave a porch light on, but, I don’t like it when someone comes to my door unannounced at night. In this case, she is not paranoid – there really is a monster out there! Well done! Nan


  2. Who was it? we often have such feelings right? We know someone is there but then it’s rational explanation to what we heard and thought we saw sometimes


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