And then, he flees..

He arrives, enriching my mind, during the most unexpected moments. With his presence, I just forget myself and fall for him so shamelessly, so happily, over and over. Moments later I will be all alone and he, nowhere to be seen! And I wait impatiently for his arrival once again, pledging myself not to do the … More And then, he flees..

Eternal love

She didn’t know, my eternal love for her, Kept my distance, Under the illusion that it was for the best! Years later, a reunion brought us together Uniting us forever! Circle of Life you may call it! Missed all those years We could’ve been together, Had I conveyed my love! 50 words Fiction written for … More Eternal love

The Mystery House

  Though the house on the other side of the street looked just like any other house, Rachel always felt that something was off. The windows were never opened. Neither were the doors. It was like that since the tragic death of the previous owners when the house went in possession of one of their … More The Mystery House