At last!

I held all the anger inside me for so long that it burst out when he threw another sarcastic comment at me. Together, the bottled emotions and the fit of rage, overpowered him. No, he won’t attempt to tarnish my feelings anymore. He knows to do better than that now! 50 words Fiction written for … More At last!

Broken Promise!

  “Dear god, here is the 100th coin, as I promised. You do know how hard it was for me to get 100 coins! Of course, you know, that’s what my mom told, that God knows everything.” “Now can you please give me my mom back? I need her more than I need you, pretty … More Broken Promise!

Forever Wait

He stared out the window lost in thoughts. Dinner was all set on the table, as usual. By this time usually she calls out, “Is dinner ready, Dave?” He knew that today there won’t be any such voice finding way to his ears. He knew that the dinner table was waiting for her, in vain. … More Forever Wait

Letting Go

A fresh start, that’s what they agreed upon after she found out about his extra marital affair. Every time he cheats on her, he showers her with more love and that was her clue. Finally, she told him that she is not going to put up with his treacheries, and he agreed with her; he … More Letting Go