Being able to sit on the couch and listen to the rain without having to do anything else (just putting off the chores)… It was amazing back when I was small and the feeling is still the same. Its not every day that we get a chance to enjoy the beauty of rain here. And when it does rain, it blows my mind off to another world, a world just  for me – the happy place! The cloudy sky, with the look saying “I am coming to get you” is not something which we get to see daily. And when it is there, you can’t just turn your eyes away from it. That’s when I regret not having wings to fly high into the sky, hug the clouds, touch those dreamy feathers and just be there.. The rainbow that appears as a happy ending to a marvelous story who wouldn’t want to play on top of it.

Note: This was sitting in my draft for more than one and a half years. We were in Phoenix when this was penned, where it rains rarely. Guess it was rainy that day. 🙂