Eternal love

She didn’t know, my eternal love for her, Kept my distance, Under the illusion that it was for the best! Years later, a reunion brought us together Uniting us forever! Circle of Life you may call it! Missed all those years We could’ve been together, Had I conveyed my love! 50 words Fiction written for … More Eternal love

At last!

I held all the anger inside me for so long that it burst out when he threw another sarcastic comment at me. Together, the bottled emotions and the fit of rage, overpowered him. No, he won’t attempt to tarnish my feelings anymore. He knows to do better than that now! 50 words Fiction written for … More At last!


It was destiny, I have been told, When I was left to wrestle with the jaws of death. Destiny took the glory once again, When I fought my way out. No, I am not hiding behind my destiny. I am writing my own destiny Because it can be rewritten! Linking this 49 words fiction to … More Destiny

Perspective matters.

“Mommy, Three in a row!”, exclaimed Jack knocking down the bowling pins. “Wow Sweetheart, you are fantastic “, encouraged Mona. Pushing his wheelchair, the once career oriented woman thought how happiness changed from meeting deadlines, bagging best performer awards to bringing smile on her lifeline’s face – time changes perspective! Linking this to the Fiction Challenge … More Perspective matters.

Finding Dreamland!

Photo from Pixabay Her touch took him to the world of dreams and stars. He waited every night eagerly for her arrival, fantasizing what’s it going to be tonight – hide and seek with stars, reunion with friends, an encounter with dragons.. At last she arrived, with heavy eyes he drifted off to dreamland. Linking this to … More Finding Dreamland!