The Beginning…

I wonder how I started expressing my views with the help of pen and paper!! Yes I remember when I started pouring my thoughts on a bit of paper.. It was on a fine day when I was a school girl! And it went on from that point as smooth flow…Till the last day of my college.. And then a gap of 2 and a half years..

But when I put a pause to writing , couldn’t come back again in touch with pen and paper yet. And here I was trying hard to write once more during these busy less house wife days of my life.. I have been giving immense thought in this matter when I realized the truth that I am not able to write even a sentence or that the thoughts filled in my heart is residing there as such , wanting a vent and to get rid of the suffocation it experiencing throughout these years..

So here comes my first blog as a first step to pave a way for my thoughts and imaginations on a piece of paper (or rather this blog).


One thought on “The Beginning…

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