Humanity and Us

In the name region, religion, gender, politics, beliefs and what not, divisions keep making its appearance and take the world over. Are we just stupid to understand whats actually happening around or we just go along with it for the sake of something which we don’t know, don’t care!!!???
Why is it so important for anyone to accept their beliefs by others.? Not only they want others to accept they want them to follow also. And if none of this happens then use the weapon of force.
I understand the differences between my beliefs and yours. I choose to respect mine and yours. But I choose to follow mine. Whats wrong with that concept.? Why do you have to preach your ideas over and over until I call it quit and agree to accept and follow yours?
Religion, that’s the most forceful, and harsh divider among us. I believe all we need is a higher authority, a higher power to depend on, to believe in, in tough times and in good times, to be our strength. Family, friends all are there as our strength.  But the concept of God, a power watching from above us, keeping us from making grave mistakes, guiding us, holding the torch for us, a power which we believe can solve our problems, a power which listens to all our cries, prayers, hopes, dreams, and help in making those go away and come true without making fun of us, that power is God for me. And that God has the face of Krishna for me as I’m born a Hindu. But I don’t think other religions are less significant. I don’t believe that only the God I believe in is the ultimate one, has the ultimate power.
To act upon humanity, you don’t have to be born rich or poor, you don’t have to be born into a particular religion, you don’t have to be in a specific gender, you don’t have to be a follower of a particular political party, caste, ethnicity, race nothing matters. To be humane you just have to be born human. Kindness in my heart is not dictated by the religion I follow.

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