Today, I feel so proud. You know why? I completed the AtoZ challenge as of yesterday. I was very very skeptical to take up this challenge. Being a first timer, I hadn’t had a clue as to how to go on. But the experienced bloggers who already had tasted the deliciousness of AtoZ challenge before, made it sound so irresistible to pass on. So I decided to join in, even though I was sure that I will quit the moment it gets hard and I was convinced that I wouldn’t be able to complete the challenge because of the travel plans during the month of April.

And yet here I am, battling the inconsistent internet connections, and irregular timings, I came out a winner, at least in my eyes, blogging every day from the 1st of April till the 30th.

The best part was discovering a whole lot of new blogs. Yes, even with limited screen time, I was able to connect with a lot of bloggers taking part in the challenge. I couldn’t visit all the newly discovered blogs every day, but I have bookmarked quite a lot to visit later.

This journey wouldn’t have been this sweet and amazing if not for the support from so many bloggers in this virtual world. I am so glad that I didn’t call it quits.


Pic via Pixabay

Thank you for all your encouragement, visits, and comments.

Here is a link to my AtoZ posts if you would like visit them.