A Thank You Note..


Today, I feel so proud. You know why? I completed the AtoZ challenge as of yesterday. I was very very skeptical to take up this challenge. Being a first timer, I hadn’t had a clue as to how to go on. But the experienced bloggers who already had tasted the deliciousness of AtoZ challenge before, made it sound so irresistible to pass on. So I decided to join in, even though I was sure that I will quit the moment it gets hard and I was convinced that I wouldn’t be able to complete the challenge because of the travel plans during the month of April.

And yet here I am, battling the inconsistent internet connections, and irregular timings, I came out a winner, at least in my eyes, blogging every day from the 1st of April till the 30th.

The best part was discovering a whole lot of new blogs. Yes, even with limited screen time, I was able to connect with a lot of bloggers taking part in the challenge. I couldn’t visit all the newly discovered blogs every day, but I have bookmarked quite a lot to visit later.

This journey wouldn’t have been this sweet and amazing if not for the support from so many bloggers in this virtual world. I am so glad that I didn’t call it quits.

Pic via Pixabay

Thank you for all your encouragement, visits, and comments.

Here is a link to my AtoZ posts if you would like visit them.


9 thoughts on “A Thank You Note..

  1. I loved your posts and am completely amazed at how you managed it with your travel and living situation in April. Kudos to you. Looking forward to reading more from you.
    P.S. Are u still in India?


  2. You did great with your short, crisp, inspiring words of wisdom! Congratulations and well done 🙂


  3. Oh yes, you are a big time winner! So great you completed- congrats! I will be back to catch up on some more of your posts:-) The ones I read so far I really liked:-) Keep writing


  4. Congratulations on finishing the challenge, Vinita, despite everything else you had going on. I’m glad we connected, but I still have lots to catch up on.


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