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a little girl I was,

waiting all along for my time to be the grown up,

to enjoy, the lusts and lures of the world,

all by myself.

to let go of my intimidations,

and get in touch with my passions.

the wait stayed long,

beside me as a protective warrior.

time took its own time,

never finding a way to reach me.

I stood where I was

a little girl, I’m no more,

but my wait for my own time,

turned into a never ending one.

I wonder, how am I not a little girl?

where is my time to let go of my intimidations,

to enjoy the lure of my passions,

to learn to fly,

to fall and cry,

to fly and soar,

deep in the sky,

to see the world upside down,

and the world waiting for me!

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