Scary Reflection!


The reflection looked me back,

With a different look from what I have seen!

The enigmatic feel stayed intact,

Yet, so different, I felt,

Like someone else took my place,

Wearing my face!

I swayed, to make my reflection move,

To change the way it appeared,

Beauty, oozing out of the mirror,

My reflection emanating a sophisticated quality,

Irritating me further,

For I never wanted to be a complex beauty,

Even so a gruesome one at that,

With lips coated with lipstick,

Eyes adoring mascara,

Face polished with make-up,

And a look so unworthy of my face!

The smoke thinned out,

As I stepped back.

There, the reflection I longed to see,

Me, just me, the plain me,

My smiling reflection,

And the stress, melted away!

Linking with Magpie Tales above Picture Prompt,

A Prompt Each Day prompt – Beauty,

Three Word Wednesday prompts – Enigmatic, Gruesome, Irritate,Β 

Theme Thursday prompt – Someone,

and Five Sentence Fiction prompt – Lipstick.


20 thoughts on “Scary Reflection!

  1. There, the reflection I longed to see,
    Me, just me, the plain me,

    The natural beauty has a permanence for the hubby. Paints all over are to be washed before retiring Make-ups are for outsiders a temporary affair! Great lines Vinitha!


    Liked by 1 person

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