A little sorrow washed over me,
What caused my sorrow,
I am aware not,
A little sorrow spread over me!

What may the reason, who cares!
A little sorrow, finding its way inside my head,
Get it off my head,
For I don’t like this feeling of gloom!

A little sorrow, snooping around my mind,
Making shadow puppets,
Playing with my emotions,
A little sorrow, it’s time you leave!

A little sorrow crawling all over,
Mocking my feelings,
Taking over my sanity,
A little sorrow, turning deaf to my pleas!

A little sorrow, not so little anymore,
My sobs turned it to a giant sorrow,
My heart pained all the time,
My soul, my soul lost in the chaos!

A little sorrow, you better stay,
For I can’t recognise me,
A little sorrow, flashing the wicked smile,
Sneaking out of my head!