The Problem! #NaBloPoMo #NaBloPoMo15

“You know Dana, I can’t even try to solve your problem unless you tell me what’s bothering you.” Alan was pretty annoyed with Dana’s behaviour. She has been bugging him about a problem since two months now, without giving out the details of it.

They have known each other for three years now and very good friends to each other too. There isn’t a single thing in life they haven’t shared with one another, problem or not. Then why suddenly this secrecy, wondered Alan. And if Dana didn’t want to share it, then why bother him with it?

“Oh. I can’t!” fretted Dana.

“Okay, then do as I say. Close your eyes and imagine one of your friends is having the problem which you are going through and he/she has approached you for the solution. Think what would be your advice?” Alan paused for a moment. “Now that is my answer to yours’! Got it?”

“Okay, I’m taking your advice, Alan,” said Dana as she opened her eyes.

With a mix of excitement, joy and fear she confessed to him, “I am in love with you, Alan, and that was the problem I couldn’t tell you.” She took the kiss that followed as the perfect solution to her problem.


Written for NoMo at Yeah Write and NaBloPoMo at Blogher.
Day -3


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