Why do I blog? #NaBloPoMo #NaBloPoMo15

Blogging is an outlet for my trapped in thoughts which suffocate me if I don’t let it out. It is easier to put pen to the paper for me than talking to somebody about all the thoughts that lurk inside me. All I need is a paper and pen or the laptop.

I blog to string together words to name the emotion that steals my soul, snooping the depth of my mind, turning me into a sensitive being unable to share how I feel with another human being. I find it easier to hide behind written words as they take the lead and take me out of that tunnel where I get lost. Scared and lonely I am at those times, and the keystrokes keep me company, making sure that I am not scared, not lonely, anymore. I feel loved.

A poem lets me express my sorrows and insecurities better and I don’t worry that if I get misunderstood when words get all intertwined. I love getting lost in words like that. I love to read the feelings which made me feel low and blue, tackled by words like that. I feel refreshed.

Fictional stories exploring my imagination taking me to a different world, even momentarily, helping me in creating that world before the reader, I do feel powerful during those times.

Stories from my personal life, by sharing them I share my world with you. My happiness doubles when I share a positive story and my sorrows halves if it is one of those not so happy stories.

The interaction through blogging is the greater reward. Comments, friendships, support, all part of blogging and nothing can beat the happiness and gratitude I savor by being part of the blogging world.

I blog because it makes me happy. I blog because it makes me feel alive. And I won’t stop to blog because I know what I will miss!

Written for NoMo at Yeah Write and NaBloPoMo at Blogher.
Day -5

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10 thoughts on “Why do I blog? #NaBloPoMo #NaBloPoMo15

  1. “I blog because it makes me feel alive and happy” encompasses it all.
    Why do I blog? I blog for the relationships which develop and sustain from the interactions that follow every post and for the satisfaction that I derive when I am able to take that interaction to the next level by replying to the comments. It does not leave a comforting feeling when I am unable to reply back due to the paucity of time.


  2. You summed up so well what we bloggers all feel. I blog because I need to express myself and if anyone reads it and likes it, that’s great. Still, I blog just because I enjoy being creative and that’s enough of a reason.


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