An Everyday Story!

And there he is at my door again. He is knocking with all his might. And I rush to usher him inside. As usual the chaos never subsides. My phone chimes, kid wails, husband talks, dishes waiting, and what not!

There my favorite visitor is waiting and I can’t tend to him. My head is spiraling with all the distractions as I tell him to make himself comfortable and that I will be back in a second. I dash to get things done as he looks comfortable enough to leave unattended. As I finish up the tasks that needย to be done, I think about the conversation that we are going to have. Oh, it is going to be an enticing one, I exclaim. You should see my face then, lit up with happiness it shines brighter than a full moon. Yeah, he has such an allure and his effect on me is endless!

And I set out to greet him, to excite him with my grace and to make him mine forever. Alas! He, without failure, did his disappearance act once again leaving my musings empty all over again!

Pic via Pixabay

Written for NoMo at Yeah Write and NaBloPoMo at Blogher.
Day -7


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