Farewell 2016

As another year trots in
To give us a chance at life once again

As another year slowly fades out
Into the night sky tonight

As Kindness, compassion and peace
Works together to fill our hearts with happiness

It’s time to say goodbye now
To part ways with the memories bitter

As those moments of sweetness
Dripping with joy, sticking
To our hearts forever
Bringing smiles to moments
Not so bright

Off you go 2016
Yesteryear you are now
Another fulfilled year you were
I hope, to everyone
Another memory you are now

Now step back, and make way
For the new year
Of hope and happiness
Another chance for us
To look forward to

Off you go 2016

Welcome 2017!


33 thoughts on “Farewell 2016

  1. You make me realise how useful these calendar markers are to us human beings, enabling us to close off some chapters and move on to new possibilities.

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