The Real Monsters #writebravely #writetribeproblogger


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Little Irene was scared of monsters.

At night, she had to make sure that there weren’t any monsters hiding under her bed or in her closet. Shut the eyes tight, for if she opened her eyes and caught a glimpse of the monster lurking in her room, it could chew her head off and swallow her little arms and feet in one sitting. What’s not seen couldn’t hurt, believed the little girl and slept every night with bated breath.  


One night little Irene learned that monsters were real, only they looked just like us. In her case, it came wearing the mask of her dad.

But a little girl who knew to scream the loudest could keep any monster away. That was a quick learning for Irene. From then on, she started to keep her eyes open, listening to the monsters lurking, with bated breath.  

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