Empty Silhouette #writebravely


The captivating silhouette
Tranquilizing and Intriguing
From afar, I thought!

It never occurred to me
How empty it could be
Once I get close!

An empty silhouette
That captured my eyes
Alas, I learn a little late!

Reflection And Revelation (1)

Written for Day 3 of Write Tribe Festival Of Words for the above photo prompt.



11 thoughts on “Empty Silhouette #writebravely

  1. Such big words, Vinitha. I am just happy that the empty silhouettes do not evoke a sad picture here. Or do they? If they do, fill them with sand and seawater. Don’t let them stay empty. Throw them in the sea and watch the waves play a catching game with them. If this pair vanishes, get another pair and repeat. No one should be sad.


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