A Torn Page


Nothing but scribbles
Words once loved, and
Scratched many times over,
A series of doubt,
That’s what I’m now;
The torn paper
Bearing a dream that never fulfilled
A love-hate relationship, I share.
Perhaps someday I won’tย be torn anymore
One day I’d adorn the pages of a book
Bearing words of hope
Bringing joy to my author!

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14 thoughts on “A Torn Page

  1. A torn page telling its own story! This is creative and quite imaginative. I personally used to love tearing paper from the notebook and crumbling them in balls and throwing them close to me on the floor just as the writers in the olden days used to do. However, this was short lived because I was taken to task by my mother for wasting money ๐Ÿ˜€


  2. Ah, those days when it seems like weโ€™ve forgotten how to string even the simplest of sentences together! And what a different perspective from which to share it – from the POV of the page. Very cool!


  3. The story of a torn page! Wow! I first thought those were the words of a heartbroken poet, who tore away the pages when she didn’t find herself worthy enough!
    You are too good at it, Vini!


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