Happy Birthday #WordlessWednesday 70


It was my little one’s birthday yesterday. Sharing some pictures of him and a few lines to mark the day. πŸ™‚

Looking through the photos of yesterdays’,
I’m reminded of the time that’s disappearing fast
Your naughtiness troubling me every moment,
Yet, that’s something I would cherish for years to come
The anger I shower,
As you try to climb a wall or get inside a cupboard
Only because I love you so much more,
Your senseless adventures knock the sense out of me, dear
But, never let go of your curiosity,
No matter how scared it makes me
That’s a wish I have for you,
My crazy adventurer, who melts my heart!

Joining Esha and Natasha for Wordless Wednesday this week.

Wordless Wednesday
Wordless Wednesday

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3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday #WordlessWednesday 70

  1. Oh my gosh! Such a cute little mush ball. Happy birthday sonny boy.
    Much love and blessings xox
    Love your little dedication to him Vinitha. πŸ™‚


  2. There is cuteness overloaded in the photos. Whether it is Kanna feeding Akku in the car or Akku trying to climb the wall or hiding under the table, the photos brought a smile to my face. He is naughty and forever keeps you on your toes yet he is and will be the twinkle of your eye as it shines in his. Happy belated birthday to Akku πŸ™‚


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