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20 years ago I wanted to have this feeling, so badly. But here I am today.

If he thought 20 years in prison would heal me, heal my baby, then he got it all wrong. My baby, she was only 5-years-old when this vulture ruthlessly ravaged my little girl’s innocence. A year she lived in nightmares that filled her day and night before it finally snatched her away from me forever.

Today my baby can rest in peace, finally – I realized a smile spreading across my face looking at the puddle of blood that gathered on the floor next to his motionless body.

Revenge served cold…

This flash fiction is written as part of the #WordsMatter blog hop, organized by Corinne, Shalini, and Parul where 28 of us are coming together to share our musings on the prompt ‘20 years ago I’. I received this tag from Shilpa at Fictionista and it’s my pleasure to pass on this tag to Esha at My Soul Talks.


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Pic Courtesy: Pixabay