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I spent a considerable time looking at this picture. My mind refuses to cooperate. There is no shimmer of verses to peeping in.

Looking at this picture I am baffled. I don’t see anything beyond the tall palm tree.

I am sitting in front of my laptop failed as words and thoughts refuse to befriend me.

Not every picture can be captured in my thoughts and words, and that learning humbles me.

How can I articulate in a string of idyllic words to show you the splendor of this picture when I fail to recognize it myself?

So today I am sharing the spectacular blue sky and this tall, handsome palm tree for the pleasure of your eyes along with this flash fiction:

“Hey, you!” The sound fell on Asha’s ears from afar. She looked around and then she heard it again, “Hey, over here! Tell me, how’s it going there?” 

Asha glanced up. She couldn’t believe her eyes or ears.  “Is it really …!!” “Are you …”, she stammered, “talking to me?”

“Yes, indeed I am. I would like to know the things happening there. Enlighten me.” the tall tree demanded politely. After the initial shock, Asha obliged. “Not that great. Too many people with too many differences and too little harmony. You are not missing anything spectacular.” She added with a smile. 

“But you are!” The tree smiled back, “The view from up here is marvelous”.

Linking with Esha and Natasha for Wordless Wednesday and Parul for Thursday Tree Love

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