Roots #WordlessWednesday 77

WordlessWednesday 77 (1)
A visit to the park this weekend reminded me of my school days
WordlessWednesday 77
Rooted deeply, peeping graciously

My school had lots of trees in and around the school buildings the roots of which ran above the ground. The roots were very thick that one would easily think that it is the trunk of the tree that came down to rest on the lap of mother earth herself.

One of our favorite games used to be a slightly modified tag, where standing on the tree root was safe, but the moment you step out on the ground you can be caught and made the next catcher. We used to play this game every morning before our classes began and during lunch hour recess. These roots ran all over the ground, sometimes disappearing without a warning, sometimes reappearing out of the blue, making our tag game an interesting one.

Those roots were huge and our favorite place to sit enjoying the shade of the tree.

When exams were in session, moms used to find their spot underneath these trees, making the roots a comfy chair waiting for us kids to finish the exam.

I wonder if it is still there providing the same comfort and entertainment to the current users. How many of us have come and go relishing the same old nurturing of this world!

Joining Esha and Natasha for #WordlessWednesday & Parul for #ThursdayTreeLove


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12 thoughts on “Roots #WordlessWednesday 77

  1. I love roots and your story of how these provided safety and comfort. I can imagine the trees quietly enjoying (or at least observing) the children’s games and moms’ chats.


  2. Now you’ve made me think of the trees at my school! I smiled at the story of your game, and the search for roots. And I love that twisted trunk.


  3. We played this game without the trees and the task would be to stand on a higher ground. It used to be fun. I love how sometimes the things we see in our lives take us back to childhood or kindle old memories. That’s the beauty. Isn’t it?
    Thanks you Vinitha for joining! Take care.


  4. Reminded me of the Gulmohar tree I had in my front yard, years ago. I used to sit on its branches during my summer vacations, reading a book. It felt so romantic back then, despite the huge red ants that had made their colony on those branches! πŸ™‚


  5. I recently saw a pic of my old school and it really brought back so many memories. The pic was from outside and I could see the window where over 25 years ago, I would have stood watching the people outside and waiting for the bell the ring.

    Scary just writing that its been 25 years… time went by too fast


    1. Oh yeah time went too fast. These memories invoke a mix of emotions mostly happiness. But to think that all that is left of those good old days is some fleeting memories makes me a little too emotional.


  6. Sometimes basking in nostalgia is so much comforting. Remembering your childhood with respect to the roots of trees must have felt similar, I am guessing. The stepping game which the children made out of the roots sounds like another version of the game ‘Statue’. I am assuming there might be an army of ants going up and down the roots and what a ruckus they can be for anyone perching on them.


    1. We had different versions of this game. Later I have seen Kanna playing another version of the same game with his friends. Childhood memories like these sure makes me a little emotional. πŸ™‚ I don’t remember ants attacking us. Perhaps the traffic above and near these areas were too high to let the little friends appear. Honestly never thought about it. πŸ™‚


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