Majestic #WordlessWednesday 78


A speck,
Finding a spot
Claiming a lot
Masquerading as a power
Aren’t we all?

A speck,
In this Universe
Not knowing what’s in store
Pretending to have a voice
In this Universe
Aren’t we all?

The truth is we have no control over our lives. It’s fleeting, it’s transient, it’s disappearing with every moment that passes by. But we immerse ourselves in such fruitless debates pointing fingers at each other claiming that “I am right”. And if “I am right” “you must definitely be wrong”. We are humans. Tiny humans. Life is a happy meeting of fellow humans until death claims it permanently. If only we learned to live together harmoniously… If only we learned to live with agreeing to disagree and still be friends…

Joining Esha and Natasha for #WordlessWednesday.


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6 thoughts on “Majestic #WordlessWednesday 78

  1. That’s a beautiful photo and even more beautiful are your words. We can pretend all we want to know things, but the mysteries of the universe will keep baffling us.


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