Letter from the Past #FictionMonday

Neha picked up the envelope which lay forgotten in her desk drawer for years. She wrote it for herself some twelve years ago. The plan was to open it ten years later.

Photo by Suzy Hazelwood on Pexels.com

Who knew ten years later she would forget the existence of the letter itself. Life has sweet-talked her into forgetting the fondest memories of her life.

Just then her fingers stumbled upon another envelope bringing her back from her trance. Neha froze for a moment as she recognized that envelope. How could she forget about it! That day twelve years ago, she wrote two letters – one for her future self and another for 10-year-older Avinash, her best friend. In return, Avinash wrote one letter for himself and one for 10-year-older Neha. They had made this big plan of opening all four letters and reading them together no matter where they were.

A smile appeared on her tear stained face as she remembered the jokes and the laughter that followed the letter writing episode.

Not only did she forget about the letters, she forgot to remember Avinash when the time came. Funny how life takes us away from our big plans, she mused.

Truth is she was deliberately not letting Avinash’s memories into her mind. Four years after the letters were written, Avinash died in an accident. Fighting back the tears she opened his letter,

“I will be with you always.”

She wept with unbearable grief.

© Vinitha 2020

This Flash Fiction is written in response to the sixteenth edition of Fiction Monday for the below picture prompt – hosted at Reflections by yours truly. Do join in if you have a tale to tell. 

Photo by Roman Koval on Pexels.com


9 thoughts on “Letter from the Past #FictionMonday

  1. How heartbreaking it must have been for her! I can feel her pain and what she must be going through, right now. Beautiful narration, Vinitha. Reading you after a longish break. 🙂


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