New Beginning #WordlessWednesday 98

every autumn leaf leaves behind a tale that began on a spring morning,
every spring bloom graces the garden aware of the impending fall in autumn.
at the end of the dusk,
there awaits a beautiful dawn.
Another year is on our doorstep,
365 days it will roll out, before fading into the background.

© Vinitha Dileep

Joining Natasha for #WordlessWednesday & Parul for #ThursdayTreeLove.


4 thoughts on “New Beginning #WordlessWednesday 98

  1. Such a gorgeous after sunset photo, with the deep blue sky and the colored leaves. It’s true that autumn leaves begin with a spring morning, but in another sense, it begins with the bud that stays on the tree all winter, braving rain, cold and (in my climate) ice and snow, living till it can unfurl on that spring day.


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