Journey #ThursdayTreeLove

Near Salt Lake River, Mesa, AZ

my path ahead
is filled with lifeless trees
staring into oblivion.

i move forward
not knowing where i end up eventually.
the skeletons of the trees
— are they guiding me somewhere?
or steering me to something dreadful?
do they represent
the nightmares i try to run away from
or the spring of hope that could appear in the distant future?

my journey continues, despite
the eluding answers

for now, i will find contentment
in pursuing this journey that leads to nowhere.

ยฉย Vinitha Dileep

Joining Parul’s #ThursdayTreeLove with this tree shot from Salt Lake River in Mesa, Arizona. We hiked this area in the last weekend of February –and it was a wonderful experience. Some trees resembled the ghosts of their past. What stories are they hiding? I wonder. The above verses are a figment of my imagination. I hope you enjoy this read.


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