Time Doesn’t Stop #FictionMonday #Poem

Photo by Yahya Hasan on Pexels.com

Time doesn’t stop, 
for anyone,
or anything!

then, what’s the point in putting your dreams on hold? 

because, time will run out on you eventually.
if you don’t live for yourself today,
are you sure that you can, tomorrow?

is there any guarantee there will even be a tomorrow laid out for you to live?

don’t let the dreams simmer inside you
let it boil and bubble up
let it bring you elation

you cannot pause the time, not even for a second

you can but try to freeze the time
by living this moment on your terms
time doesn’t stop for anyone or anything

but, I promise, if you live today to make your dreams come true

you will have cherished moments swirling inside you for years to come
all you need is to stop waiting and
start living your life on your terms


time doesn’t stop, 
for anyone,
or anything!

© Vinitha Dileep

This poetry piece is written in response to the ninety-fourth edition of Fiction Monday for the word prompt ‘SIMMER’ hosted at Reflections by yours truly. Do join in if you have a tale to tell. 


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