It’s Nobody’s Fault #FictionMonday

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The light glimmered on the table carelessly.

Sakshi couldn’t keep her cafe open today. Not today. Not after what had happened.

Usually around 3:30 in the evening the two sisters would stop by her cafe. Their mom was a barista there. Most of the times the kids would hangout in the cafe helping their mom with the customers in between catching up with their homework.

Sakshi adored the kids. They were 9 and 7. Today though, everything changed.

It took just another crazy kid and a gun to change just about everything. The crazy school shootings never happened where they lived. But this time it was their turn.

One of the sisters got shot when this crazy person rampaged the school with a gun. Michelle, their mom couldn’t stop shaking when the news broke out. Her little one is in the hospital in a critical state.

It’s insane how many little lives have lost because of the flaws of different people – authorities, the government, a neighbor. Little ones are being killed in their school yard and the parents are tearing apart.

How many more lives! What’s the point in keeping anything open when the next generation is killed before their innocent smile fades away. Sakshi’s mind was overwhelmed with unanswered questions.

Unfortunately she knew no one was going to give her or anyone who lost their dear ones a reasonable answer anytime soon. It’s a mad world after all.

The light continued to glimmer fiercely showing its protest.

© Vinitha Dileep

This “fictional” piece is written in response to the ninety-ninth edition of Fiction Monday for the word prompt ‘FIERCE’ and the above picture prompt hosted at Reflections by yours truly. Do join in if you have a tale to tell.


3 thoughts on “It’s Nobody’s Fault #FictionMonday

  1. This makes me so angry and sad. ITs so damn unfair on those kids and their families, life changed in a matter of minutes and it will never be the same again and for no fault of theirs. Your post brings out these aspects so well.


  2. the more I read about the recent tragedy, the more furious I become. It is heartbreaking that children have to suffer due to the fault of some policymakers. You have expressed it so well.


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