A Snowy Surprise #ThursdayTreeLove

a snowy surprise for the cactus
close up look

The last week of February surprised us with a sudden colder weather and sprinkled snow all over the mountains that stand tall surrounding us. A 15 minute drive from our home granted us with this beautiful scenery. It was way too cold and I wasn’t dressed to endure the chill. Still, I got out of the car and clicked a few shots.

the cactus looked surprised too, to experience a sudden change in the weather.

It looks dreary and unwelcoming, and I don’t do well in cold weather. But I still enjoy the chill, the damp, the frost because it gives me an excuse to sip a cup of tea or coffee and let my mind wander along with the clouds that can’t seem to stay away from the mountains.

Life is filled with such tiny and magnificent moments that warm my heart even in a freezing morning like this.

© Vinitha Dileep

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13 thoughts on “A Snowy Surprise #ThursdayTreeLove

  1. The one thing that intrigues me in the region that you live is these huge Cacti. I think Sedona also has many. Isn’t it? And look at that stark contrast. Thanks for sharing, Vinitha. See you soon on today’s edition.


  2. Both pics were lovely, Vinitha, but I loved the second shot of the Cactus against the snowy mountain view, more! The cactus and snow in one frame look so surreal!! It’s nice though that you get to experience so much variety with the changing weather patterns nowadays, although I know it’s not good for you, especially when that gives you a headache. Hope the weather settles back to normal soon and you feel better too.


  3. We moved to Texas recently and I miss those snowy mountain views. Like you, even when it’s too cold, I used to step out and capture the beauty of Nature. The cactus and snow in same frame looks interesting 😀


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