Little Bloom #ThursdayTreeLove

Hello, there!

As the weather slowly changes from cold to warm little plants like this guy are popping all over the ground. This one must belong to the weed category for it appears on the path randomly with no encouragement whatsoever.

I love that audacity of blooming wherever without a care of what the world would think. Big lessons from little plants.

© Vinitha Dileep

Joining #ThursayTreeLove hosted at happiness and food by Parul this week

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6 thoughts on “Little Bloom #ThursdayTreeLove

  1. What a fellow! That attitude to prevail over the odds is just what we humans need to learn too. Well spotted and what a great shot, Vinitha! Such an awesome reminder for all of us as well.


  2. Flowery weeds! Some plants just pop up anywhere in the harshest of circumstance and thrive whereas there are house plants which despite being taken good care of in the form of sun, shade, water, manure, love and attention, they still crumble down and wither away.


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