Believe You Can #FictionMonday

Believe You Can – Poem

everyone has a choice
whether to continue on this path,
or take a turn to the right, 
or forge a new path on the left, 
or to take a complete U-turn, 
and go back and make a fresh start
at one of the roads that made you curious
but you abandoned because you thought
you needed to stay on this road that everyone else took. 

believe it or not, there is a choice. 
but you are never going to get your chance at your choice
so long as you fail to believe that there is a choice. 

there are no invisible chains restraining you;
nothing is stopping you from living your life to the fullest
other than your beliefs or lack thereof. 

believe you can and you will!

© Vinitha Dileep

This flash fiction piece is written in response to the one hundred and forty fifth edition of Fiction Monday inspired by the word prompt – RESTRAIN hosted at Reflections by yours truly. Do join in if you have a tale to tell.

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10 thoughts on “Believe You Can #FictionMonday

  1. We often have a choice but lack the courage to exercise that choice. We do not give ourselves the chance as we are fearful of taking the unknown road. Beautiful poem V. I needed this today.


  2. Lovely poem, Vinitha! Would be so nice that people will believe that they can.
    But there are so many of them far away of these truth.
    Thank you Vinitha and have a fine week ahead!
    Hugs! 😘❤️


  3. Beautifully penned Vinitha. Never giving up is the motto and we must constantly reconfigure our plans when they dont look feasible. Reinventing is the name of the game.


  4. Thank you for sharing such an inspiring poem, Vinitha! Self belief is so crucial to how we show up in our everyday life and this is one lesson that we all need to go through to realise how choices are always there for the things that we do or do not do.


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