The Perfect Life!

Sona was his friend, no best friend, no best friend forever. They were together since high school. It’s been 14 years now. They got married to each other last month. And today standing in the cremation ground, he cried his eyes out before her ashes. Shekhar knew that life can’t be perfect. But his life was … More The Perfect Life!


Warmth of my heart, you are, Loneliness is meaningless with you around, Bittersweet is just a figment, Of the moments, I thought about you! Wonderland you whip out, Just being you, mesmerizes me! Dreams call it quit afraid to compete with you! Why dream, when life Is sweeter with you in it! Linking this to  Write … More You!!

My love!

Love is when you are around me,Love is when you smile at me,Love is when you look at me as if there is no one else,Love is when you never let me go,Love is when we are together,Love is when we trust each other,Love is when we are there for each other no matter what,Love … More My love!


Yes, there is Someone else I had loved more than you. Do I love him more than you or not? I don’t know the answer. In fact, I have never stopped by and looked back to check that. So let me take a moment now. When I flip through yesterday’s pages I felt the relationship … More Confession!!