The Perfect Life!

Sona was his friend, no best friend, no best friend forever. They were together since high school. It’s been 14 years now. They got married to each other last month. And today standing in the cremation ground, he cried his eyes out before her ashes.

Pic via Pixabay
Pic via Pixabay 

Shekhar knew that life can’t be perfect. But his life was an exception, he thought. Shekhar was aware that  his friends were jealous of his perfect life. Every piece of the puzzle found its way right on time in his life. Of course, it wasn’t just easy as others thought, but Sona’s presence had made all the difference to him. She always had his back, always, back when they were just kids and he ran into troubles, till few days back. He was the mischievous kind, as a kid, but she brought the good out of him. He owed his life to her. When Shekhar left his well-paid job for following his passion in photography not only did she encourage him to do so, she was defensive when his and her family went against his wish.The bond between them was so strong.

It’s been only five months since Sona was diagnosed with Brain tumor. Between the constant migraine attacks and her demanding work, she didn’t suspect anything else until she fainted in her office one afternoon. Things took a delirious turn since then. Doctors gave her six months time. Shekhar and Sona had postponed their wedding because of his change in career.

Shekhar knew nothing could be fertile now. But he wanted to fulfill her wish though she never asked him. He insisted on getting married soon. And finally, a month ago they got married. It didn’t matter to him that she looked like a mere ghost of Sona, that her glow had faded. Shekhar could see her eyes twinkling with love for him, he could sense her heart beating to spend more time together. He knew that how much she would miss him, but she was always careful in not letting him know her concerns. Because she knew how much he would miss her. He was the needy one. He needed her assurance to move forward, always.

She had become his habit. With her gone there was no one else to comfort him.

He wept his heart out.


Written based on the prompts Defensive, Fertile, Needy for Three Word Wednesday.

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