Missing you!

Dear ten year old me,

It is Diwali tomorrow. And I am not excited as I used to be!

Pic via Pixabay
Pic via Pixabay

Did you ever think that such a day would come in your life? Remember those Diwalis back in the day where you were excited just to burn the crackers. Of course, you remember! For a 10-year-old fireworks and sweets were happiness and beyond. Diyas and new dresses were only part of the celebration. Then visiting friends’ houses, burning more crackers, which ten year old kid didn’t love that.

How you fought with your sister to get more share of crackers for yourself! Remember, how much you wished to become a grown up and burst the crackers as much as possible, all by yourself, with no dad and mom telling to stop! Remember, those days when you waited to go back to school just to share with your friends how much fun you had!!

Did you ever imagine that when you become a grown up you would get tangled in life’s messiness so much and one day you would forget to celebrate Diwali, or lose interest in celebrating Diwali? Is that coming as a shock to you? Had you known this you would have never wanted to grow up, would you?
Today, I don’t have the excitement of that ten year old in celebrating Diwali. I crack the fireworks to see my kid’s smile. I make sweets for my family to enjoy.
Diwali with my ten-year-old self was much more exciting because then I used to enjoy just for me. Pleasure was all mine because you were there. It was you who made it possible for me to enjoy Diwali to the fullest! And today, I miss you. I wish you were here to make me feel the liveliness of Diwali once more.
Missing you,

Yours truly!

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