A little something to think

In today’s world, a rape and murder case is no extraordinary news. But the recent unfortunate death of a girl in Thrissur seems to have got a lot of attention among the young generation.
In Orkut a community with more than 6500 members has already formed and the members rage is also not hidden. People are having very much and cruel ideas for punishing the accussed.

Good to know that there are still lots of men who believe that women is not just a piece of meat. But still incidents like this is happening all the time around the globe! Many men, almost all men , who I know treat women with respect. Then why such devastating incidents are happening? Of course, there are people who is not so good and who consider others just as a toy. I don’t think we can influence them and change them into decent human beings. But my concern is why we can’t sleep peacefully, travel without fear when 95% , forget 95 at least 50% of men this world are good? Don’t you think its you to be blamed for your sister couldn’t go out alone and come back home in one piece? If the inhumane people like the accussed in the above incident had known about the protective brothers, would he ever even attempt for such a thing? No I don’t think so. As usual we all will react only when the harm is done. We are not ready to come forward and take an action to prevent anyone from being harassed or exploited -say its in a bus or train where a girl is tortured or humiliated in front of your eyes or an accident where someone could use our help. Because we don’t want to interfere in someone else’s business. Why unnecessary headaches, isn’t it?
Couldn’t someone do something to save the life of that lady when they heard her scream in the ladies compartment? Would you do if it was you there? Seriously I don’t think so.
 In a bus at a time atleast there will be 1 woman who is being exploited. But no girl has the guts to say that “he is disturbing me”. Because even the girl doesn’t want to get into any trouble by pointing out that she is been exploited. Shame on you lad!. If you don’t want to protect yourself no one can do that. I know one incident where a college girl reacted to the man who tried to show his affection on her without her permission when she was traveling in a bus with marks of rusty blades on his body.
Timely response is the real medicine to prevent the growth of such activities.
Govindaswamies are there everywhere. When we see one give the right treatment right then to avoid serious injuries later on. An unresponsive society is the major cause for growth of such inhumane creatures.
Few things which I think that can help any girl in protecting themselves is
– Promise yourself that you won’t let anyone touch you or hurt you mentally or physically without your permission. This is way better than bickering about how unsafe is today’s world. Face it. The world is like this. Do you want your fate to be decided by some Govidaswamy or would you rather do it by yourself!
– Its better if you know some defensive moves in case you are attacked. Karate is good but your will power is the best tool. Always keep pepper spray handy or a safety pin or a blade.
After this incident now many parents would not want their daughters to travel alone. But is that a solution? And can you really hunt down all the Govidaswamies? You may be able to kill one but would it really help in creating a crime free environment?  I will tell that girls should travel more. Go out after 6’O clock more. If you get inside the house fearing about life and future , what about that girl who is forced to come out of her house. Aren’t you creating the perfect crime scene and a victim by shutting yourself inside the safety of your house?
And guys next time when you see an incident – which your heart tells is an injustice, or an accident, come forward and react.
Soon this incident will be forgotten and the lose will be solely to her family and that girl who died. But if we want we could save some one else.
Its an endless crime society. Meaning, we have plenty of opportunities to put our words into action. And we don’t have to wait for our own sister to be attacked to react.

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