Dear My Death

From the time I learned your existance I have always wondered about you! When I was a kid I used to wonder where would  I  (or anyone for that matter ) be once I meet you.

When we meet I want me to be pleased for seeing you. I want me to say “Hey there, Nice meeting you.” I want to come with you happily not reluctantly, not because I have to , but because its my time to be with you, like after finishing highschool everyone wants to go to college! At the same time I don’t want to come with you because I don’t want to live. I want me to be happy and contend when we meet.
For me you are not covered in black dress with spooky look and crooked smile. For me you are that handsome fella every girl wants another glimpse of! When I am done with my last breath , when the last ounce of life vanishes from my body , when my soul suddenly feel so strange and new as in freshman year you can make an entrance in a not so scary way. I hate when people scares me for fun. Considering that we have to start our journey from my death we have to maintain a good relationship from the start. So please don’t be mean to me. Once I am there I am looking forward to meet those who had already joined you.  I hope you are treating them well!
I know you are the only truth of life. The only certain thing. But you are the dreaded one. I think its because of the way we human beings meet you. It looks to me that when you want to have a party you just crash into a plane or bus or a building!! Is that so?? You do know that when you take a bunch of people with you another huge bunch of people are left lonely, sad and depressed. You know, the feeling of loneliness is heavily associated with your presence.
Anyways I would like to believe that life itself is a journey to meet you. I don’t want to believe that you are the judge for all the deeds we have done.I want to believe that its good there. Like living our dream! Like I have a dream of flying up high into the sky and to hold a shining star in my palm. In real life fireflies make my this dream come true. May be there I could actually touch a star!!! 🙂
Whatever is it I know one day comes and we will meet; willing or not, scared or not!! And I sure want to know what its going to be like. I hope to have a nice time there wherever it is!!

with love

Note : Please don’t consider this as my death note. This is just a letter to my death.


2 thoughts on “Dear My Death

  1. Loved reading your letter to ur Death….:) You have put all your words so lightly that even “DEATH” looks like something quite interesting to look forward to… And ur imagination about making your wild imaginations true once we enter that unknown world, truly sounds like a perfect reason to wait for the handsome saviour as u perfectly coined it! 🙂 Keep Writing!!!

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