1.For those who think that girls aren’t supposed to be out alone or otherwise, when it is dark.

                    Quit kidding and be practical. We celebrate Independence day every year without fail. And that I don’t understand, If you are to keep the female figures inside your house “safe” what kind of independence are we celebrating?
                    Then again, can you ensure safety inside house??? The Delhi gang rape got the most attention but the same day I read another rape news happened breaking in to a house and another one happened in a daycare. I am pretty much sure that that child wasn’t wearing any provocative dress asking to be raped.! And even if the 41 year old was wearing provocative outfit she was in her house for god sake!

So in my opinion, problem is not girls going out or girls wearing dress qualifying to be called as provocative. Well the X chromosome always get the attention regardless of age, appearance and outfits.

Or did I misunderstood the meaning of Independence? Was it giving a birth right to the men in the country to rape the women (not just women anyone with X chromosome, well that’s all they need as an excuse to rape.) in the country and forbidding the foreign men from doing so? It was a terrible lie when we repeated “All Indians are my Brothers and Sisters” !!

I will still say girls need to go out more and more and much more particularly when it is dark. That’s the solution I see. And of course parents of sons, tell your children No means No and teach them to respect the opposite sex.
2. For those who think capital punishment will somehow mysteriously erase abuse against women.

                 Seriously!!! Do you think an Independent and developing nation like India doesn’t have enough punishments in the book named already?? Its just we are not quite good in carrying out them effectively, that’s what I think. I don’t know where the already punished people go or do for a living.  Yea, I agree we need a database of the criminals but not to shame them but for our safety. When someone is released from prison a letter should be passed in the concerning neighborhoods to make the citizens aware. Something like that may be.

3. Giving compensation to the victims.

                Now, this is going out of control. How is that going to stop abuse? How is that going to help the victim forget the wounds and get along with life? Government can find a number of other ways to help the citizen. But in order to be eligible for anything first you need to be abused and humiliated doesn’t get my support. With this compensation offer the Government is telling us that they can’t do anything to stop abusers and criminals so please co-operate and then we will pay you for your time and trouble. And for me that is offensive. Ultimately giving compensation is asking the victim “what is your fee” as Anisur Rahman said.

               I never think men are always culprit. What about those women who just want money. Please make laws and rules considering the fakers as well. We don’t want all men to be tarnished as rapists and molesters.

Above all I strongly believe its up to the parents. If they give love and affection in desired amount and raise good kids society will be a safe place. And in a society where families lack in giving proper care to their kids, well you are in the making of a public nuisance.

Hope you got my point.


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  1. A well-deserved sarcastic tone for such a sensitive topic Vinitha! I don’t blame you at ll, not one bit. And you bring up valid points. I think in the end as you say, the best way to avoid this is to teach males at a young age to respect the opposite sex, and it also starts with respecting themselves as well, not only their mothers though that is important too! 🙂 <3.


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