Reading Indian news is much depressing lately. And hearing comments and opinions, its a way to self destruction .. That’s what people suggest. Its not just physical assaults happening in India, its much more.. I truly feel terrible for all those immature minds. Yes such kinds of comments doesn’t deserve response but as a citizen who still has a beating heart and working mind I don’t know what to do. Tell me what should I teach my kid? Any woman roaming in the night is yours baby?Any woman who turns u on is yours dear? Why I’m hearing from only very few people to teach your children better? Why everyone else is categorizing dress and sex together? why are they not ashamed of not growing up emotionally or mentally, for giving out comments that’s not even worth hearing, for calling themselves anything of India, for saying they think of every other lady as mom n sis! If u have to think of every lady as your mother and sister to behave well then you sure have a problem.

Share your thoughts, Please!

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