A writing journey!

You might know that I am in the process of writing a novel. Signing up for NaNoWriMo was essentially to give that nudge to focus and write the novel, the bits of which had been brewing inside me.  Are you curious about my progress? Well, not much! I am writing, at the same time I am not.

Unlike short stories or 100 words fiction, writing a novel, when I myself, don’t know which way I am going, is hard. All I have, are a few visions, fragments of imagination, and a few words after the labored effort of an hour or so. It is much more exhausting than I thought it would be, because as I try to write, I put myself in my character’s metaphorical shoes and inadvertently I feel what I want my character to feel. And since there is more than one such character, I am literally experiencing the emotional roller coaster ride, right here in my living room, all on my own. At times, even my dreams are invaded by these imaginary people! In addition to this I have my other daily routines and the roles in my life which I have perfected so far.

Sometimes I find myself getting caught between my character and me. While it does good for the writing process, I am doubtful on its impression on my real life character. I don’t have the answer to why I set out for this, but I am expecting and hoping that if and when I  finish writing this one, I shall get to experience the joy that only a writer chances upon!

I don’t know when this novel will see another pair of eyes. I am not even sure if it happens at all. But I can tell one thing for sure, I am learning a lot through this process of writing. This novel may not be a masterpiece, but this novel sure is teaching me a lot of otherwise overlooked lessons.

Here’s to taking chances!

Written for NoMo at Yeah Write and NaBloPoMo at Blogher.
Day -12


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7 thoughts on “A writing journey!

  1. Vinitha, congratulations on starting your writing journey 🙂 I am sailing in the same boat, mine is a Kayak 🙂 you just have to be constantly be at it, it is a lot of hard work but so satisfying. Best wishes.


  2. As a three time “winner” of NaNoWriMo, might I suggest you don’t worry about development or anything else, just let the words flow. Just write, even if you incorporate your shopping list when you run out of inspiration. Write, write, write! Don’t worry about grammar or even if the writing makes any sense. Just write! Then let your manuscript lie fallow a month or so, and then, early next year, start the editing process. Of course, I’ve never gotten to the editing part with any of my manuscripts, so take my advice however you will.

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    1. Thanks Alana. Your advice means a lot to me. I’m writing, with a lot of doubts. I don’t even think about editing now. Problem is sometimes I’m just swallowed with all the doubts and I just can’t put another word to the paper. Thanks a lot for stopping by and taking a load off my mind. 🙂


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