Deception – #FiveSentenceFiction 4

“Aww, honey, you look ravishing in this picture!” – said the comment notification on facebook for her photo followed by three hearts and kissing emoticons.

“You are so sweet, my love!” – she replied after liking her husband’s comment.

“You two are adorable, so much love!” – said another comment from a mutual friend.

Mindlessly, she liked that comment too. The farce of perfect couple and their perfect love fooling their friends and family and themselves; deception at its best, she thought nonchalantly.


medievalI am starting off with a weekly series of Five Sentence Fiction every Tuesday here. The above story is written for the prompt DECEPTION. Feel free to join me with your Five Sentence Fiction using Deception as prompt in the comments. I would love to read yours.


15 thoughts on “Deception – #FiveSentenceFiction 4

  1. I’m always amazed how easily some people write comments like ‘Perfect couple’, ‘Meant for each other’ and ‘Rabb ne banaya jodi’ etc. – I’d rather comment on appearance than on the relationship.


  2. Ah, such a sorry state. Who are we deceiving? I bet, us. I know many people who pretend to get likes and shares. So much for fake popularity.

    Love your take on the prompt. I would love to read your stories every Tuesday. Hope I manage to find time.


  3. Well done, Vinitha! So true how people pretend that everything is all rosy on social media just to keep up appearances when deep down, things are anything but. You showed this really well. Love the last part about even fooling themselves. Talk about keeping up appearances, eh? Good job!


  4. Ohhhh, Vinitha – great post. I got this “fake picture ” on my mind…. keeping up appearance…. when maybe covering up something bad, sad, awful…. You nailed it….


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