Hide and seek – #FiveSentenceFiction 5

He sneaked in without tipping her off and propped himself in the corner. Well hidden from her sight, she won’t find him now, he thought playfully.

He decided not to reveal his presence for now and continued spying on her. He wanted to be well prepared before she could even doubt his presence anywhere near her, else she will call in reinforcements ruining his plans.

No, let her get comfortable and he will get hold of her off guarded and make her head wither in pain before she could pop the pills and get rid of him, thought the migraine cunningly.


medievalI am starting off with a weekly series of Five Sentence Fiction every Tuesday here. The above story is written for the prompt HIDE. Feel free to join me with your Five Sentence Fiction using Hide as prompt in the comments. I would love to read yours.

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15 thoughts on “Hide and seek – #FiveSentenceFiction 5

  1. Lovely post, Vinitha. I am enjoying your five sentence fiction, (and would love to take part, someday) This post has a wonderful twist in the end that I’m so familiar with…haha…its now a part of my life, this great conniver called migraine that comes wilfully and leaves no stone unturned to ruin my day in the grandest way possible.


  2. The first 2 sentences spoke to the romantic in me, having watched the movie ‘Kate and Leopold’ as a daily routine continuously for 10 days. (I have been telling whosoever I can get tune into about this movie, the character Leopold is a dream 🙂 🙂 )
    The next 2 sentences were mysterious with the spying. And the last 2 lines made me hate the conniver. Oh conniving migraine! Fend off and leave her alone.


    1. No problem Sarala. Join whenever you can. I skipped last two weeks as I was not well. I publish the post every Tuesday with the prompt for the week. And I’m in Arizona time zone, that is 12.30 hours behind IST. Write your story in five sentences using the prompt on your blog and come back and leave the link in the comments. I don’t have a linky as there are not many participants. It would be my pleasure to read your five sentence fiction! 🙂


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