To New Routines! #FestivalOfWords #WriteBravely

Today my son’s school reopened after the summer holidays. Two months and twelve days – that’s how long the holidays were. It felt strange to be at home without him today, for both his little brother and I.

I was trying hard to remember my routine from two months ago. My ten-month-old has changed his schedule since then. Plus the move to a new apartment just two days ago has changed the feel of everything.

Once again, it’s time to make new routines. To settle into new routines.


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Here’s a poem I wrote for my son on his new beginning as a second grader.

Goodbye, mindless surfing and sleeping in
Welcome, lessons and homework
And a lot of playtimes
Another school year is here
Your days are busy once again
Learn Math and English, sure,
Don’t forget to make friends new
Learn to fight and share
Make memories plenty
To miss these moments later
Go on, enjoy the days of fun.

I am participating in the 7-day Festival of Words hosted by Write Tribe. Day 4 prompt is ‘Feature a day in your life or someone else’s life’.

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10 thoughts on “To New Routines! #FestivalOfWords #WriteBravely

  1. Settling into new routine takes time and the kids can use all the wisdom and love of their family members for the same. Lovely poem about life, great post.


  2. Love that you are teaching him to make new friends. It’s is so important for the social development of the kid. Beautiful poem.


  3. Mom’s routine keeps changing with the changes in kid’s routine. Good luck to you for the new change. Lovely piece of poetry.


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