Give me five! #BarAThon


Quick and easy,
This life never is,
Riddled with hurdles,
Battles with hopes,
An endless novel,
The story of life goes on,
Chapters that can’t be rewritten,
Pages waiting to be filled in,
No pause button,
Neither can you rewind,
This is it, for better or worse,
Yet, I would say,
Give me five,
For this is the moment to celebrate,
Despite the chaos that lingers,
Struggles shall be sorted eventually,
Dilemmas won’t last forever,
A tribute to the many moments,
That splash a smile,
A prayer of gratitude in return,
Life is beautiful as we make it be!

Give me five


Above poem is written for Day 5 of BarAThon hosted by Blog-A-Rhythm inspired by the prompt “Give me Five”.


Picture Credit: PixabaySignature (2)



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