Look, but don’t touch

Red Roses

“Wow, so many of them!” Neena has never felt such a rush of happiness before. “How nice of you!” She exclaimed.

She leaned forward to pick up the red roses, but in vain.

The dead can’t touch.

Her husband should’ve brought the roses when she was alive. A little late to show love.

This flash fiction is based on the prompt Red Roses from The Frangipani Creative group! Thanks for the prompt, Corinne.

Photo by Lavi Parchik in Unsplash

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6 thoughts on “Look, but don’t touch

  1. When we look back, there are so many such instances when there were things we should have done but didn’t because it didn’t seem ‘urgent’ or ‘necessary’ back then. Things we regret so badly.


  2. So sad and so poignant! The truth in so many relationships that brings in realisation only too late!! Beautifully penned, Vinitha. Loved it.


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