Fading – FlashFiction


Mom wasn’t always like this. She used to be the liveliest person in our house.

She had answers for all the questions and solutions to all the problems. She made everything seem to be nice when nothing seemed to right.

Her sense of humor was wonderful too. There never was a dull moment with her around. Never had I felt abandoned under her care.

It all began with forgetting the little things. The TV remote, car keys in the freezer, her name – that was a shocker when she couldn’t remember her own name. But it was funny too, because she joked, “I’m a mom, my name is long forgotten!”

When she couldn’t remember my name that’s when we realized that there was something wrong.

She looks okay, but she is not. She sits in the verandah looking at the gate as if she is expecting someone. I wish I knew who she was waiting for! If only she remembered to tell me!

This flash fiction is based on the prompt Mom from The Frangipani Creative group! Thanks for the prompt, Corinne.

Photo by Khadeeja Yasser on Unsplash.

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5 thoughts on “Fading – FlashFiction

  1. Two of my Aunts have Alzheimer’s and I know how difficult it is for them and the family. My younger Aunt became a widow almost a year back but still every day she puts sindoor because she forgets that her husband is no more. The worst day was when she stood in front of the mirror and looking at her own reflection asked ‘who is this old woman standing in front of me? She forgets to eat, and on some days she eats her lunch twice. It is heartbreaking. I could so relate to this beautiful story Vinitha.


  2. Wish we talk to our mothers more or rather make them speak up, open up more. Wish we learn about their wishes and desires which they had buried under the responsibilities, before its too late.
    Brilliant story Vinitha.


  3. That line—”because she joked, “I’m a mom, my name is long forgotten!”
    This is beginning to sound like me.

    How beautifully crafted is this tale, and so sensitively told. I felt a lump in my throat reading this flash fiction of yours. I hope no child/mom have to ever go through this in their family! How painful this must be!!

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  4. Alzheimer’s is a difficult illness to cope with. It’s heart breaking when they forget things that were so dear to them. Nice one. 🙂


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