Jailed #FictionMonday

Image by Ichigo121212 from Pixabay

I have no idea how long I’d been here. And for what reason. Maybe, my family couldn’t pay the ransom. Or he didn’t ask for a ransom.

Perhaps, they just wanted to ruin my life – depriving me of my freedom.

I live here day and night imagining what it is to go outside and be free. And some days, I imagine a window showing beautiful sceneries.

This windowless room gave me a different view – a view which no windows could ever give me.

This fiction is written for #FictionMonday based on the prompt -WINDOW hosted at Reflections by yours truly.

Fiction Monday


5 thoughts on “Jailed #FictionMonday

  1. What a horrible experience will it be to be held up a prisoner and not knowing why and when one will get free. To imagine a window, of beautiful sceneries, on windowless walls has to be preceded with a lot of hopelessness.
    Your story brought to my mind the story – The Last Leaf by O. Henry, the window being the common factor. I read it in my 10th or 12th Std. It was a sad one.


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