Yes there is Someone else I had loved more than you.

Do I love him more than you or not?
I don’t know the answer.
In fact I have never stopped by and looked back to check that.
So let me take a moment now.
When I flip through yesterdays pages
I felt the relationship which we maintained
The immense love you had given me
Which I treasure for a life time.
The endless care that I had cherished.
The warmth of which acted as a blanket .
And gave numerous peaceful nights!
It reminds me of those days when,
You had always made sure that my finger tip is in your hand.
I still cherish all those wonderful days we had
Despite the pain you had gifted me later
And I still love you with all my heart.
Though you are there in my heart for ever,
I really miss you as I have missed you all these days.
If you still love me the way you did,
Give me back,please,the pleasure of being your daughter once more
Give me back,please,my pleasure of having you as my dad once more
Just once more,give me a warm kiss on my cheeks
Just once more let me live as your sweet little one with no worries
Just once more ….

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