If only….

Copyright – Janet Webb

The older woman in the mirror looked nothing like her, she realized.
She asked “who are you?”
“I am you, silly. Have you forgotten what you have done to yourself all these years by neglecting yourself, not paying attention to your dreams and avoiding your desires?”

Her reflection stared at her posing questions she neglected so long.

In her race to make everyone else happy, to help everyone else achieve their dreams, she forgot all about her.
Though she found solace in her husband’s achievements and kids accomplishments, only she could hear her heart whispering ‘if only I could..’

Linking this 99 words fiction based on the above photo prompt to Friday Fictioners hosted by Rochelle.


One thought on “If only….

  1. Dear Vinvitha, I like your writing style – just wanted to let you know, I couldn’t find the submission for this week (December 1, 2014 in FFF). But, I wanted you to know that I think you have a lot of talent! Nan 🙂


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