Light of Sight!

Picture via Google Images

He looked on pondering what it could be. Are those colorful lights or decorations of some other sort? Having gained the eye sight only recently, many of the visuals the world offered was absolutely new to him.
At nights, he didn’t just see the darkness, he saw the star patterned sky brightened in moon light and wondered how the darkness is glorified with such little studs pinning all over on it and the luminous moon illuminates them in just the right amount, no more, no less.

When the horizon was whisked with hues of red, he not only saw the painted sky but imagined that it was time for the dazzling sun to leave but the sky was not done playing with him, so the sun left some colors for the melancholy sky to make it cheerful until the bright moon joined.

For him darkness was not the absence of light. Darkness was when he wondered what light was, what brightness was, what colors were! And now darkness is light playing hide and seek.

Every new sight was a new experience for him, every new glance brought a new life to him.
He saw the world once he wished to see and the way he saw the world, it was much prettier as if his vision was the one thing which the earth missed to reveal its beauty.

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